5 roald dahl books

I found it a nice book because the main character’s bad neighbors got back for what they did badly and it’s a fantasy book and I liked that too. For example, the neighbors always shot ducks and one day the ducks took over the house of the neighbors and the neighbors got wings and went to build a nest themselves but one day it was very hard to storm and promised to no longer hunt for the ducks . This could all be because the main character has magic powers. This created funny and unpredictable situations, this is my review of the book The Magic Finger


I also found this book very funny and surprising because there are chatting animals. The book is about the fact that a boy has a dream and that is that he has his own candy shop. He sees an abandoned property one day and the next day he wants to buy it, but when he arrives the next day he sees it has already been sold. When he walks back he sees a new company in the city a glass washer company there works a monkey a peli and a giraffe. This was my review about the book the giraffe the peli and me


I found it a boring book because there is no action and it’s not a fun story. The book is about a man mister fox who, during a robbery he did with his wife, finds out that his wife is pregnant and promises never to make a raid again. Years later, Mister Fox is a writer of the newspaper and wants to buy a new house. He wants to go live in a tree overlooking three meat companies. And then he decides to do one last raid together with a friend. This was my review about fanstastic mister fox

I found it a fun book and especially funny book. The book is about mister and mad creepy teasing each other for a long time, and it is getting worse for example that Mrs Creepy worms do in his spagthetti. And then Mr. Creepy puts a frog in his wife’s bed. They also like to tease animals, for example, to glue glue to the branches so that the bird can not fly away and to keep their monkeys on their heads all day, this may be creepy because he used to work in the circus . This was my review about the creepy’s


I did not like it because it is boring and no action. It’s a poem book and I do not like that either.
Pig: An intelligent pig realizes that he was born to be eaten. But he does not want him to turn it around and he eats the farmer.
The Lion: A lion gets in a restaurant of the waiter of everything offered
and; Lots of meat and pieces of chicken. But the lion does not want to eat is the waiter.
The Crocodile: A father told his son in bed about a crocodile and called Krokeledook who eats six children every Saturday, preferably three boys and three girls. In the end it turns out that the crocodile is more than just a story. This was my last review about the book root beasts




This my story about the wind


That is not possible. An old grandfather said I’ve lived here for eighty years and have never seen that. Yet it was said the boys said. After talking about what they saw, they went to sleep.

The next day the two boys went to the big lake with the whole family. Here left then right twice left and then a whole lot straight ahead. Yes we are here it is. Have you been before here? Aked some one from the family. No, the boys did not yet say we did not learn to go somewhere without knowing it. The mother gave a delicious berry from her basket for the survival food if they would get lost. Thanks mom said the boys are fond of those berries. When they arrived at the sea they felt a strange feeling nobody knew what it was farther what animals and one of the grandfathers could talk to animals he asked for a bird but he did not understand what he meant, a koala high in a tree. Do you know what that feeling here is? Yes, it is wind That’s only for this giant lake, you do not have that in the woods. And that sound is that too wind or so? Yes definitely something very aparts it is ….

When the grandfather had explained to the whole family what the koala said, the family looked at him strangely. The grandfather went back into the koala and said wind I’ve read something about in my book. Could best say the koala first lived you as aboriginals at the beach. beach? Asked the grandfather who is familiar to me of the picture in my book


My story about the capricorn

The reason that i have choose the capricorn because it is my constelation
And they can stand on steep cliffs and that I like

They are larger than normal goats
A male will be 75 to 100 centimeters.
And a female will be 65 to 80 centimeters.
The males have bigger horns then a female.
The horns from a male could be 1 meter in lenght
They are will be 10 to 20 years old
They meanly eat gras and leaves in the summer.
And in the winter branches.

A capricorn has a atletic body allowing he him stand on steep cliffs
They have special hoofs so they do not slip.
The capricorn lives in Asia Europe and north of Africa
It is the lagerst animal in the alps.
They life above the tree line.
And under the eternal snowline.
Capricorns have fairly short legs
The fur of an capricorn is brown whit dark spots.
The summer coat is much thinner than the winter coat.
In the alps life they in a group from 50 capricorns .
The males go as older away from the group.

The young capricorns life by the females.
When they four years they go away.
In december and januari come they together for the pairing season.
Then go the males fight for the females.
The enemies of the capricorn are the fox and the eagle.

In the alps life the alpscapricorn. After that they livid in the park Gran Paradiso but now they live agian in the whole alps This is the oldest national park from Italy. This park is located in the north west of Italy. This south of Aosta. It is near the French border in Parc national de la Vanoise.
In Parc national de la Vanoise live 2600 capricorns. This is the largest nature park of Europe. The two parks together feature about 1250 km3.

This was my story about the capricorn. It was a difficult subject becease there is little information on the internet. Thatā€™s whye I have also infomation about the natianol parks
I hope you like it as well.


Hello I’m Joost.
I’m 12 years old.
I was born in Alkmaar.
When I was one year old we moved to heemskerk.
I live with my father and mother.
My father is 45 and work at KPN.
He works in the head ofice in the Hague.
Thats in total 130 kilometers in one work day.
My mother is 46 and has her own food company.
I have no brothers or sisters.
I have no pet.
But I had previously a rabbit but he is dead.
In my spare time I play games like FIFA.
I first did badminton and judo.
But now I play Football at Odin’59.
I train on Tuesday and Thursday, and Saturday a match.
But when I watch football I support AZ.
And sometimes I go to the stadium.
Last summer I went to Norway.
There were many waterfalls and high mountains.
And I have already visited 12 different countries.
But my favorite country is Italy.
Because there is always good wheater.
And my favorite food is pizza.
My primary school was the zeester.
I choose the vellesan because it is a fairly small school.
Every day I cycle now 15 kilometers to school.
I hope to get my VWO diploma.
And to do the university.
And become an architect.